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Metaverse events tickets booking website

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Understand and breakdown the wireframes and concept of the app or website assigned to you.


UI Design

Visual Design


Redesigned the website for a Metaverse events ticket booking platform.


Classroom project




It was a classroom project where wireframes were exchanged between students, and then detailed UI was developed from a different perspective. I was given wireframes of a Metaverse event tickets booking platform made by Latika, to redesign as the task.

These are the low fedility and high fedelity wireframes of the website Flipside given to me.

Redesigned Flipside

Since this is a Metaverse event booking platform, I have tried to incorporate the virtual depth of VR experiences on the landing page for the user.

Style Sheet

This is the visual guide and UI kit for the redesigned web application Flipside, a Metaverse event tickets booking platform.

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